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Christmas is not just for a day. Christmas is forever. Christmas is the time to love, share and give. This spirit of Christmas was celebrated in our school on Thursday, 22nd December 2022.

The Special Assembly filled the air with the jubilance of Christmas. The junior and senior choir singing melodious carols left the audience captivated. The vibrant and cheerful medley of familiar carols set the festive vibes. The comperes spoke of the relevance of Christmas trees, card, carols and bells. An interesting fact about Christmas dreams was also shared with the audience, leaving them mesmerised. The magic of Christmas was lived through the rhythmic movements of our dancers.

The true spirit of Christmas was witnessed and felt by all when the juniors and seniors danced together step to step, in harmony, spreading love and laughter.

In Spain, Christmas is celebrated from 24th December to 6th January. However, Father Christmas visits Spain only on the 6th of January. The comperes shared this trivia about Spain, as Spain is the theme of the year. The children wondered whether the same will happen to them this year, but Ms George dressed as Santa made her surprise entry to sweep them off their feet.

The entire programme instilled the zeal and gusto of life, spreading hope and joy of new beginnings with New Year right around the corner.
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