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First Day of Orientation Week – Groundwork for Academic Success in 2024-25

The Teachers’ Orientation for the new academic year 2024-25, began on 24th May 2024 with an intensive and thought-provoking orientation programme for the staff. The first day of teachers’ orientation week is always an exciting time for the teachers as they start a new academic year.  Building camaraderie and coming together with a shared vision makes for a successful year ahead. Orientation week plays a role in setting the tone for the entire school year.

Ms. Menon, the Head of Brigade Foundation, welcomed all teachers. She started her session with an insightful video on teacher appreciation and motivation. She introduced the Heads of the institutions in their different capacities.

She acknowledged the tireless efforts of the Curriculum Advisors and the Foundation Staff, who worked through the holidays to prepare for a successful new academic year. She emphasised that their work is crucial in setting the stage for teachers. Mrs. Menon articulated that teachers have numerous avenues at the school to share their concerns and that the schools’ redressal system is very strong and effective.

To reinforce the schools’ commitment to its core values and mission, Ms. Menon requested all teachers to read, understand, and apply the values exemplified by the schools’ vision.  This was a reminder of what The Brigade Schools believe and stand for.

Ms. Menon addressed the importance of professional grooming. Punctuality, both in arriving at school and attending classes, was emphasised as an important part of professional conduct and respect for the school.

Mr. Cheria greeted all the teachers- with a special word of appreciation for the ‘old teachers’ who have ‘come back’ to work in this organisation. He reiterated the topic of school timings and punctuality. He informed new teachers to open a bank account/PF and IT. Health insurance, its benefits, parental policy, and top-up plans were discussed.

Mr Cheria discussed the school policies, holiday list, and other administrative details.

Presentations and workshops by senior staff and other subject experts helped teachers to enhance their skills. These sessions provided academic learning to make the best of the new academic year.

As teachers embark on this exciting week, it is important to recognise their dedication and commitment to shaping young minds. Together, with a positive mindset, we will have a spectacular year ahead.
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