News & Events / Hands-on Learning! Collaborative UKG Maths Session Led by Team KNIB at The Brigade Schools



Collaborative classes for UKG conducted by Mrs. Kudva – Team KNIB (Preprimary Curriculum) Advisor

Subject: Montessori Math -Topic: Dynamic Division

The collaborative classes for the students of UKG were held at all three Brigade Schools by Mrs Kudva from team KNIB.

The primary objective of this collaborative class was to help students get a sensorial experience of the concept of division. The session started with a story of two boys named ‘Tom and Jerry’, to introduce the concept of division, i.e. equal sharing. The concept of division was meticulously presented through an interactive and engaging session for the students. The students were encouraged to think while solving a division problem which in turn helps to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The terms of division, like dividend, divisor, quotient, and remainder, were introduced using flash cards. Children also learnt to use the signs ‘=’ and ‘÷’ in a division equation.

Children participated actively in the quiz at the end of the session.
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