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Annual Day is the highlight of school life. The school has always allowed us to hone and display our creativity and talent as we staged our cultural programmes. Annual Day is about making fond memories that remain zipped in our hearts forever.

We get that extra time to bond with our friends, work as a team, learn to strive for perfection and try to fathom the ceaseless faith our teachers have in us. It is like collecting daisies all the way.

This time I got the privilege to witness an Annual Day as an alumnus, seated comfortably in the auditorium filled with the vibrance of the moment tempered with some subtle nostalgia. The glitz and glamour of Spanish culture portrayed by our juniors through dance, music and theatre left us dazzled. The band, playing live on stage with precision and confidence, set the vibe for the evening. The dancers continued the flow with their energetic salsa moves. The dance to the song, ‘Senorita’, brought in the flavour of Bollywood. The ridiculously hilarious antics of Don Quixote and the comic antics of our actors did not allow the giggles to fade away. However, what stole my heart was Moviendote, sung by our band. The song kept reverberating in my soul for the next few days.

Homecoming… it was! I relived my school days and the excitement behind every Annual Day I had been a part of. The vigour, the dedication, the commitment, the joy, all were just the same. It was wonderful to sense that this home of mine will house many more like me year after year with the same warmth and care as always. Inspiring them to believe in themselves and live with the same gusto as ever.

Hiya Sen
Batch: 2020-21 Std 10
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