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The Brigade School @ J.P. Nagar

The Brigade School @ J.P. Nagar celebrated Kannada Rajyotsava Day on November 10, 2023, to honour the state of Karnataka and its rich heritage and culture. The students presented an enriching and colourful programme on this occasion.

Student comperes gave a glimpse into the history of the formation of the state of Karnataka, emphasising the importance of the Kannada language.

Students of Stds. 1-3 presented two songs- ‘Nanna Desha, Nanna Jana’ and ‘Thipparalli Balu Doora’ by T.P. Kailasam. Besides this, they also performed a devotional and a folk song. The colourful attire and the melodious song enthused the audience and created a lively environment.

Following this, the young learners performed a fusion of three different songs, which included a unique folk dance wherein the dancers used brass-made musical instruments. The performance was truly energetic and captivating.

The programme was a success, and it created a sense of pride and unity amongst all present at the event.
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