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The Brigade School@ JP Nagar hosted the Intramural Debate Competition on Saturday, 1st July 2023. The competition consisted of multiple rounds, starting with a group discussion round. Three groups, each comprising eleven members, participated in this round. The topics assigned to the groups were as follows:

  • – Military training should be mandatory after Std 12.
  • – Technology hampers our creativity.
  • – Multilingualism is the call of the day.

The participants in the debate were students from Std 9 to 12 who had qualified after winning the group discussion round. The first round took place on Saturday, 24th June 2023 at the TBSM campus and was attended by an enthusiastic audience.
The topic “Is journalism today more of sensationalism” was the apt focus for the final debate round. Three participants spoke in favour of the topic, while three spoke against it Each participant delivered a compelling speech for two minutes, ensuring the audience believed in their stance.
The speeches were filled with tense silences, loud applause, and occasional laughter, showcasing the excellent articulation of the senior school students. After the speeches, a ten-minute rebuttal round followed, where the debaters discussed and challenged each other’s points with mutual respect and camaraderie.
Following the rebuttal round, the debate was opened to the audience for questions. This allowed non-participants to be part of the event and provided an opportunity for the debaters to demonstrate their ability to think on their feet.
Finally, the results were announced, and Saket P B of class 12B secured first place. Yash Sultania of class 12A and Ezhilen S of class 11A jointly claimed second place. The debaters and the audience left with a new understanding of the topic and respect for one another.
By Dhruv B K
Std 11A
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