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We had a wonderful holiday and were happy to be back at school with our friends. January month was a busy month with lots of new learnings and interesting activities. In our phonics class, we practiced our digraphs, ‘ch and sh’ by writing in our four-line book. In our math class, we were introduced to the shape, ‘oval’ and practiced its formation. In our circle time class, we participated in a meditation activity that taught us how to calm ourselves. Meditation also helps in improving our attention and focus on activities. As we grow older, we can handle more complex Montessori materials.

We worked with Geometric Cabinet to help us master the names of different shapes, such as circle, square, triangle, quatrefoil, ellipse, etc. We did an exciting activity in making a booklet on the parts of a frog! We coloured the parts of the frog and also solved a puzzle on the same. Science is fun and we are waiting to learn more about it!
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