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Did you enjoy your Christmas Holidays? We certainly did enjoy ourselves with our family and friends and eagerly wait for all the excitement that 2024 is going to bring!

We began January with a fun activity- tracing and colouring a rangoli template for Sankranti festival. We were very careful to ensure we did not colour outside the lines! We have moved to the Yellow Book series of Jolly Phonics. Reading is fun and it becomes double the enjoyment when you read with your friends! We learnt the classification of vertebrates and stuck pictures of animals under the different classes of vertebrates. It is engaging when we do these activities, as it helps us to remember. Do you know we do not fear numbers? We learn Mathematics in the most fun and engaging way- we welcomed our friendly alligator puppet to help us teach the concept of greater than, less than and equal to. While in our Montessori class, we did Dynamic Multiplication and used the Addition strip board to help us with our math concepts. This month was truly enjoyable, we cannot wait to see what new excitement February will bring us!
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