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Life Skills @ The Brigade Schools

Skill and Sophistication – Part 1

Classes 1-3

The practical skills we learn go with us wherever we go and whatever we do. Practical life skills are abilities that help students lead better lives. The life skill programme at The Brigade Schools is stacked with activities in social graces, self-reliance, and creative and communicative skills.

The primary classes (grades 1-3) enhanced their social graces. They learned to get people’s attention politely and how to behave in public places. They also learned how to manage crowds calmly, without getting agitated, and understood the value of telephone etiquette.

Self-reliance in students fosters a sense of independence and self-confidence. Students had hands-on experience in food preparation skills – buttering a sandwich, serving liquids, preparing salads, and preparing fruit juice. The students of Std 2 had fun washing and drying clothes while the students of Std 3 challenged their concentration levels, learning to thread a needle.

Skills get assimilated faster when it is learned through play and creativity. Gift wrapping, quilling, making paper bags, and photo frames were a few activities to enhance their creative skills.

Students who can do things themselves tend to be more confident, self-sufficient, and less reliant on others. Practical life activities allow students to gain and learn basic skills.
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