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Awareness Programme for the Parents and Students of Std 9 to 12

A session on the harmful consequences of vaping and substance abuse was conducted for classes 9 – 12 in the MLR Convention Hall on Friday, 9th June 2023.

Students from classes 9 to 12 had the privilege of hearing from three guest speakers who spoke about the medical, psychological, and law enforcement aspects of this issue. The speakers provided knowledge and guidance to raise awareness about the dangers of vaping and substance abuse.

First, we had Mrs Shobha Managoli, the Head of Parenting Research at Parentof Solutions Pvt Ltd., and an alumnus of NIMHANS. Mrs Managoli spoke about the psychological aspects of substance abuse, stressing the consequences it can have on individuals and their families. Her insights into the importance of open communication and support systems resonated deeply with the audience.

Dr Aruna Ramesh, the Head of Emergency Medicine at Ramaiah Medical College & Hospitals, was the second speaker of the day. With her medical background, Dr Aruna Ramesh provided information regarding the physical health consequences of vaping and substance abuse. Her expertise in emergency medicine highlighted the severity and long-term effects of these habits.

We were privileged to welcome Dr P R S Chetan, a dynamic and dedicated Civil Defence officer from Karnataka, who shared his vast experience in law enforcement. Dr Chetan shared his insights into the legal implications and consequences of substance abuse activities. His presentation emphasised the importance of abiding by the law and our role in maintaining a safe and drug-free society.

The speakers highlighted the risks associated with vaping and substance abuse and how to seek help and make informed decisions. The expertise of the speakers created an awareness in the students which will lead to making healthier choices.

The session was an eye-opener which left a positive impact on the parents and students.
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