News & Events / Managing Stress in the work place – part 2



The early days of the pandemic had brought forth an array of stresses, fears and a quagmire of unsettled feelings. To dispel some of these anxieties and inculcate a healthy method of dealing with these worries, the Knowledge and Information Bank (KNIB) members had an interactive session “Leading through Uncertainty” on 10th April, 2020 with Blacklight Advisory. Blacklight Advisory, a UK based organisation helps to identify complex problems and resolve them with specific outcomes.

The session provided a platform for the senior staff members to open up and discuss the different ways this pandemic had affected individuals at the micro and macro level-family and workplace. The team discussed the mechanisms to identify stressors and solutions to adopt healthy practices to handle and cope with the uncertainties.

A follow up on this session was held on 31st October, 2020 to take the discussion further to understand if the team members were able to adapt the practices to tackle the continuing nebulous situation. They also gave the team pointers on what leaders need to consider as we start to come out of the Covid 19 situation.

Adding on to this topic, the team worked at improving communication skills amongst team members and delved into individual perspectives and their effect on team cohesiveness. The session was interactive and hands-on with real-life examples bringing to light the need to imbibe “Healthy Perspectives” and “Open Communication” amongst the team members.
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