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This month was a very busy month for us, we learned new concepts, revised old learnings, and had a lot of fun with our peers! In our phonics class, we learned the tricky words and traced and wrote the words in our workbook. In Maths, we learned to write the number 20 under tens and one category. In our EPL class, we engaged in a fun activity of beading to help us improve our concentration skills and our fine motor coordination. We have also been working on large numerical quantities (up to nine thousand) using the Decimal system bead material, large number, and small number cards, which helped us to learn the differences in quantity and the hierarchies in the decimal system.

While in our Composite Science class, we observed the different parts of the root with the help of a magnifying glass and went on a nature walk to understand the different types of roots and their similar and dissimilar features. In our APA class, we learned to apply the elements of art through free-hand drawing activities. Finally, our favourite activity was the puppet show enacted by our teachers. Through this puppet show, we learned the value of sharing things and not being selfish. All of us are eagerly awaiting our summer holidays- sun, fun, and excitement!
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