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Reading is a joyous experience, whether you’re diving headfirst into a brand new book or rereading an all-time favourite. It’s easy to get absorbed within the world of intriguing characters, high stake situations and beautiful settings. Many writers and avid readers have said “books happen to be a form of magic, a safe place you can escape to, something you can’t find anywhere else.”

Writing isn’t easy and writing a good story is even harder. Our four young Brigadiers – Vriti Garg, Yash Sultania, Aahana Sheeharsha and Siddharth Jayanth decided to step deeper into exploring how to write a story. They were helped by Independent Publishing Coach Rajarajeshwari Nagasigamani (A.R.Sara) and Mind Coach and NLP Trainer Anu Krishna, who are authors and creative writing coaches. Since these children love reading, this was the next step towards weaving their thoughts into words. The experience of each one was varied but they had fun building the plot, keeping in mind the length of the story. It was exhilarating to try to keep the characters alive, ensure the storyline was gripping and create a universal appeal. The book ‘Medley of Tales’ is intended for readers of all ages and comprises stories from diverse genres, with themes ranging from friendship, bullying, family ties, romance, adventure to intrigue and magic.

Finally, ten stories were shortlisted to be compiled and brought to the readers by ‘Rain Canvas’, a Literary Publishing Platform and Creative Writing workshop or retreat for children and grown-ups. The Rain Canvas, under its ‘Do My Bit’ social project is kindly contributing sales proceeds from this book ‘Medley of Tales’ to the Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore IT Corridor, who have in turn committed proceeds of the sale to the purchase of Tablets for ten students from Grade 10 of the Sai Gurukul School, a school for the underprivileged, for the term 2020-2021.

Our students would like to generously render help to ease the current predicament of online tutorials and we wish them success in this endeavour.
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