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An Author Talk was organized online for the students of Std 4 on 25th November, 2020, by The Brigade School@J P Nagar. It was an extremely informative and interactive session conducted by Ms. Katie Bagli, an award winning children’s writer and an avid nature lover.

In an interactive session with the students of grade 4, Ms Bagli mesmerized the audience with amusing uncommon facts about animals and their behaviors. She drew parallels between the human world and that of the animals.

The session began with Ms. Bagli sharing information on a few endangered species that were the characters from her book “The Less Known Lovables”. This is a beautiful collection of stories in which she dispels superstitious myths surrounding animals like the crow, owl, tarantula, black cats and many more. The author had the students mesmerized with her amazing story about Devyani and The Crow.

Ms. Bagli caught the imagination and the critical thinking of the children through her suspense-filled story ‘The Ghost in the Forest’ – one of the many stories from her book “The Less Known Lovables”. The story was not only a thriller but also gave an insight into why certain animals are in danger of extinction.

At the end of the session the author smilingly answered all the curious questions posed by the students. It was a wonderful and enriching experience for all who were present.
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