News & Events / November Musings LKG 2023




Did you visit our carnivals? I visited it with my parents and friends and had an amazing time! There were so many games, food stalls, music, and dance performances. It was a day full of fun!

In our academics, we did numerous activities to enrich our learning. In our phonics class, we wrote and traced the letter ‘v’ to help us improve our writing skills. While in our Montessori class, we worked on the Number Rod material to prepare us for the addition concept and to help us memorise the basic combination of 10. In our math class, we continued to learn about shapes. We learnt to identify the shape of an ellipse. While in our composite science class, we did an interesting activity to understand the 2 and 3-dimensional forms of land and water.

In our EPL class, we are doing activities that will improve our independence and our eye-hand coordination. We learnt to open and close boxes independently, and now we can handle our lunch and snack boxes by ourselves!
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