News & Events / November Musings UKG 2023




November was filled with excitement! We had our carnivals in all our 3 schools, and there were so many things to see and enjoy. We hope you too visited our carnivals and enjoyed it as much as we did!

In academics, we learnt many new things this month. In our phonics class, we read words under the ‘at’ family. While in our composite science class, we did an interesting activity on the parts of a leaf by solving a puzzle. Later, we drew the leaf neatly in our book. It was very interesting, as we all did our best to concentrate and finish solving the puzzle first!

In our Montessori class, we worked with Number Cards and Counters to understand numbers and their quantities. We also worked on our odd and even numbers and on Static Addition. We also worked on the short bead stairs to help us count and write numbers.

In our APA class, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves painting diyas and making them beautiful for our Diwali celebrations!
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