October has been a busy month for all of us at school. Besides our academics and other fun activities, we had our SprintFest- Run/walkathon! We were very excited because our parents and siblings participated in the Run. Some of my friends also brought their grandparents for the Run!

In our circle time class, we learnt how to keep our nails clean. It is very important to have clean nails for a healthy body. In Mathematics, we did activities for numbers 0 to 10 to help us develop application skills. While in our Montessori class, we worked on the Seguin Teen Board to associate the number with its symbol (11 to 19).

We have started gaining more confidence in our writing skills. In our phonics class, we practiced writing our group 2 sounds in our four-lined notebook. In our Composite Science class, my friends and I did an interesting activity using clay, a 3-dimensional landform – an island. While in our EPL class, we learnt to differentiate between smooth and rough textures by working with different fabrics. We are now looking forward to November for new learnings!
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