I am sure you must have participated in the mega event we organised at our school- SprintFest! It was super exciting to be at school, bright and early and participate in the Run. So many of my friends and their families ran or walked and we were so energetic!

We are gaining confidence to read bigger words. In our phonics class, my friends and I took turns in reading sentences. Soon, I will be able to read my story books independently! Composite Science class is always fun, for we do many kinds of activities. This time, we learnt the parts of a plant and parts of a flower by solving puzzles and by drawing them in our drawing book. In our Montessori class, we worked on Constructive Triangles to create different geometrical figures. When we work with concrete materials, it becomes easy to understand.

We enjoyed all our activities but this one was the best- musical statues! In our organised game period, we learnt critical skills and our observational skills by playing the musical statue game. We did try very hard to stand still but it wasn’t that easy!
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