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The pre-primary students at The Brigade School @ J P Nagar enthralled the audience with their charming presence and delightful performance on their Cultural Day conducted at the MLR Convention Centre on the 5th of December 2023.

The children of Nursery introduced the theme of the year, Rajasthan, with a ramp walk showcasing the culture and fauna of Rajasthan to the song “Mharo Rajasthan.” Following this colourful display, the adorable dance performance to the song “Banni Tharo” set the perfect mood for the evening.

The students of LKG warmly welcomed the audience by dancing to the song “Aao Ji Padharo Ji.” The dance to the songs “Toote Bazuband” and “Chaudhary” was a super hit with the parents!

The skit “Bahadhur Vijay Singh,” performed by the students of UKG mesmerised the audience with their acting and stage presence. To add to the festive mood, the students also danced gracefully with perfect steps and impeccable synchrony to the folk songs “Mor Bani Thanghat Kare” and “Ghoomer.”

The grand finale by the students of UKG, showcasing the exuberant spirit of Rajasthan through a dance to the song “Shubh Din Aayo Re,” left the audience swaying to the foot-taping number! The students were the epitome of grace and beauty.

Finally, the flash mob presented by the children of UKG and LKG left the audience asking for an encore! The comperes for the entire programme were the students of UKG. Their stage presence, voice modulation, and delivery were greatly appreciated by all. The beautiful and colourful costumes, the vibrant dance and music, and the delightful students’ performances created a magical evening for the parents!
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