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“In the middle of difficulties lies opportunity,”- Albert Einstein

The students of The Brigade School @ J P Nagar found opportunity amidst the pandemic to conduct the annual event, Reflexion – a symposium, online. The challenge shook them out of the inertia from a rather monotonous “stay home, stay safe” life and filled them with energy and enthusiasm.

The symposium consisted of two parts – a presentation on ‘Climate Change’ which was presented by the students of Std 9 & 10, followed by a debate by the students of Std 11 & 12.

The topic of Climate Change was chosen because of the rising need to educate students to understand and address the impact of global warming. It increased awareness on ‘climate literacy’ among youngsters, encouraged changes in their attitudes and behaviour, and helped them adapt to climate change-related trends.

To research upon the topic, the students interviewed eminent personalities from different fields online as on field research was not possible. They drew inferences from the responses and collaborated them with the script to provide a seamless presentation that did justice to the different aspects of climate change.

The second part of the symposium was a debate on ‘Is it Unethical to Have a National DNA Database?’ The discussion threw light on the uses of DNA database, the threats, benefits, costs, ethics, etc. The arguments and rebuttals presented by both the sides were not only convincing but also entertaining as they were laced with discernment and wit. Karthik Suraj Vasisht, an alumnus of batch 2018 was the moderator for the debate.

The auditions for the speakers and debaters were conducted beforehand by the teachers of the English Dept. and a few council members. The challenges faced on the technical front were immense- it was not just unstable internet connectivity but the time-consuming editing process. A dedicated research team worked hard to provide apt visuals. The coordinators played an active role in overcoming the hurdles posed by virtual recordings and re-recordings along with the technical and the research team. Together they came up with creative solutions to keep the overall presentation appealing.

“There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them,”
– Bruce Lee

Living up to this saying, the students learnt not to let the global pandemic dampen their spirits and scaled another peak despite the limitations.
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