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“What the hand does, the mind remembers.”
– Maria Montessori

All of you would agree with this quote by Maria Montessori! There is no better way to learn than by doing! This is exactly what we did in our 6th grade science class with the ‘Xperimentor!’ The Xperimentor is a new way of bringing Science to class. It is a four-level trolley with numerous science experiments. In other words, a mini-science lab on wheels!

As a part of our lesson, we conducted an activity on root functions right in our classroom using the Xperimentor! The activity involved sowing and nurturing seeds until they germinated and grew into seedlings. Over a week, we observed the progress of our seeds and recorded our findings. It was fascinating to watch the successful germination of the seeds.

We enjoyed this Science activity and appreciated the fact that we could do this activity in small groups in the comfort of our classroom. Science has always been fun, and now with the Xperimentor in play, it will be splendid and spectacular!

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