September was a busy month for us. We explored and learned new concepts, made new friends, and thoroughly enjoyed being at school. In our Circle Time class, we learned about personal hygiene and social etiquette skills. In our phonics class, we have moved on to tracing the digraph ‘oa’ and in our Mathematics class, we revised the concept of shapes. We are learning about the continent, Africa, in our Composite Science class. We learned about the different animals that live there.

Do you know about the different hierarchies in the decimal system? Well, we do know as we learned about it in our Montessori class. Another fun activity that we did in our EPL class was identifying and matching different colours using the Colour Tablets. Through this activity, we are also learning to understand primary and secondary colours.

Have you ever seen a line monster? They are not scary at all! In our Art class, we learned to use different patterns to improve our fine motor and drawing skills, as a result, we all made very interesting ‘line monsters!’ As you all know we always have our puppet shows and storytelling sessions dramatised by our teachers. We look forward to these sessions where we see our teachers as artists and performers!
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