We had an exciting month at school and did numerous interesting activities. We are becoming more independent and our confidence to handle new challenges is increasing! In our Circle Time class, we had a wonderful experience talking about our favourite fruits and vegetables. Do you know we have started learning about phrases in our phonics class? Now, we can make longer and more complicated sentences!

My friends and I did a fun activity in our arts and crafts class- we drew stick figures using different patterns to help us improve our eye-hand coordination and gain confidence. In our Montessori class, we played games to practice the decimal system of changing ten of one hierarchy to one of the next hierarchy- numbers are fun when we learn through games!

In our Composite Science class, we are learning about the continent, Australia. As a part of the learning, we enjoyed making a Golden Wattle greeting card. Last but not least, are our storytelling sessions conducted by our teachers. Our teachers put in a lot of effort to make these sessions interesting and exciting for us- thank you teachers for making them so memorable!
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