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Skills and Social Etiquette Part – 2

In classes 4 and 5 at The Brigade Schools, we equip students with practical life skills they can carry throughout their lives. These skills include social graces, self-reliance, creativity, and communication, fundamental to fostering fulfilling lives.

In these classes, emphasis is placed on cultivating social graces, necessary for boosting children’s confidence. Through engaging role plays, students learned table etiquette, the art of setting a dining table, and essential washroom etiquette.

Students were encouraged to practice the art of self-reliance through activities like basic sewing and food preparation. From making sandwich rolls to delicious snacks and beverages like milkshakes and mocktails, students developed practical skills essential for independent living.

Learning innovation and creativity is a part of this curriculum. By stressing appreciation for the environment and talking about waste recycling, students engaged in eco-conscious practices. They used newspapers to design tea coasters and table mats, emphasising their commitment to sustainability. The enthusiasm shown by the students reflected their interest in learning these skills, and they promised to use these skills whenever needed.

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