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Staff Welfare – Health Awareness

During Orientation Week, the Brigade Foundation organised two impactful sessions contributing to staff welfare. The sessions were on health awareness and wellness, offering helpful insights and practical knowledge to all our staff.

Cancer Awareness: Focusing on the Fight, Not the Fright

On 29th May, The Brigade School hosted an insightful Cancer Awareness Programme. Dr. Neelesh Reddy, oncologist specialising in oncology and bone marrow transplants from Manipal Hospital gave an invigorating and eye-opening presentation. Dr Reddy’s talk was informative, demystifying cancer – the world’s second most deadly disease without using any complex medical terms.

Dr Reddy spoke on different aspects of cancer, including the warning signs and early detection. He discussed diagnostic methods such as biopsies, breast MRI, colonoscopy, and CT scans. He spoke about the causes of cancer and stressed the importance of the patient’s response and acceptance of the diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Reddy pointed out that the lack of awareness, late diagnosis, and limited access to treatment, especially in low and middle-income groups hampered early cure. His session highlighted the principle that “Knowledge is Power,” showing his commitment to sharing his expertise. Dr Reddy addressed all queries with humility and clarity. It was a session that left the audience better informed.

Optimising Educator Wellness

The second session, conducted by Dr. Rajitha Alva and Dr. Betty Thomas, physiotherapists from MS Ramaiah Hospital was to reinforce educator wellness. Their enthusiasm was infectious as they demonstrated and guided the staff through simple mobility, strength, and breathing exercises. The simple exercises could be performed anywhere within 10-15 minutes to maintain fitness and health. The session emphasised the impact of poor posture, a common issue among educators. Dr. Alva and Dr. Thomas demonstrated the correct postures for sitting and standing, which are crucial for teachers. These demonstrations helped educators improve their posture and guide their students in maintaining proper posture.

The session encouraged awareness of physical health and well-being among the educators. The Brigade Foundation’s initiative to organise this wellness session was met with heartfelt gratitude from all attendees, reflecting the positive impact and appreciation for their commitment to staff welfare.

To quote a staff member “The session made us aware of the serious impact of wrong postures on our bodies. Both doctors demonstrated the right posture of sitting on a chair and standing, both are important for the teachers. These demonstrations corrected our postures but also helped us guide our students about the same. A heartfelt gratitude to the Brigade School management for arranging the wonderful wellness session for the educators.”

Both sessions during Orientation Week were informative and helpful.
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