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“A Day of Gratitude”- Teachers’ Day Celebrations at TBSM

At The Brigade School in JP Nagar, Fridays are serene with the eager anticipation of the weekend. However, Friday, September 1st was an exception, as our students celebrated Teachers’ Day and conveyed their heartfelt gratitude to their mentors. This was a day that they looked forward to as they had worked hard to express their affection and appreciation to their teachers.

To start the festivities, the students of Std 9 and 10 graced the audience with their melodious voices, expressing their gratitude through a meaningful song. Following this, the students of Std 11 and 12 took it a step further, serenading the teachers with a medley of nostalgic songs from the yesteryears. The teachers were overjoyed and cherished the trip down memory lane.

The highlight of the event was an electrifying dance performance that set the vibrant tone for the morning and quickly became a favourite among the audience.

However, what left everyone with a lump in their throats were the heartfelt speeches delivered by the students of Std 12. They spoke about the significant role each teacher had played in their lives and the memories created in school, which will be cherished in their hearts. They also emphasised the values instilled by their teachers.

The final song, dedicated to all the teachers, encapsulated all that students wished to express. The song ‘Shukriya was perfect in conveying students’ gratitude and love for their teachers.

Madhav Menon
Class 11B
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