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Keynote Address for Graduating Students 2024
Brigade Foundation Change Maker Award

In a special event combining inspiration and heartfelt recognition, the graduating students of The Brigade Schools, 2024, shared a memorable evening on 30th Jan.

The event commenced with the invocation and lighting of the lamp, creating a serene ambience that set the stage for the evening.

Mrs. Suresh, the Principal of TBSW, delivered the welcome speech, followed by Mrs Githa Shankar’s address to the graduating students.

Air Cmde KC Kuruvilla VrC (War Veteran), delivered his address, inspiring graduating students with his real-life experiences and perseverance during challenging times. He shared gripping stories from his 1971 Pakistani captivity, recounting the challenges he faced during the Indo-Pak war. His survival showcased bravery and resilience in the face of adversity. The Air Cmde ‘s gallantry and devotion to duty made him the perfect role model for the graduating students. Mrs Shankar felicitated Air Cmde KC Kuruvilla VrC.

The Malleswaram School choir delivered a beautiful performance of “We’ll Rise Above,” resonating with the theme of overcoming challenges. The song reaffirmed the potential within us, to go beyond our comfort zones and reach out to those who need a helping hand and make this world a better place. Two Hindi songs performed by the talented music teachers added a harmonious element to the evening. Continuing with our Passion with Compassion programme Mr. Thomas Raja, known as Auto Raja, was honoured for his remarkable humanitarian efforts. The moniker Auto Raja was given to him because it was his auto that was, and is still being used to help escort the dying and the underprivileged to his home.

As part of this programme, he received the “Brigade Foundation Change Maker Award”, with a significant cheque of Rs 10,00,000. Mr Thomas Raja, the founder of New Ark Mission of India, has dedicated himself to helping the impoverished in Bengaluru. He provides food, shelter, and healthcare. In his words, “The home of hope is where the future of the homeless lies. I started this home with compassion and faith as my only investment.” A short film depicting his endeavours illustrated his unwavering commitment to the cause.

The event also acknowledged Mrs Bakiyalakshmi Raman, a long-serving member of the Brigade Foundation staff, highlighting her dedication and service. This recognition underlined the importance of commitment and loyalty within the organisation.

Students at The Brigade School @ Whitefield performed a beautiful dance that combined Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and Odissi with elegance.

The ceremony concluded with the National Anthem. The programme created a meaningful event for everyone, from inspiring speeches to excellent performances.
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