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The Spirit of Sportsmanship

Annual Sports 2022-23 – The Brigade School – J.P. Nagar

The school organised Sports Day for the students of Std 1 to 3 on Saturday, 25th February 2023 at Millennium Park. The Principal welcomed the guests and addressed the gathering. Mr Mathew Cheria, Administrator of The Brigade Schools, graced the occasion and inspired the budding athletes with his speech.

The comperes from Std 3 stole the show with their peppy commentary. The ‘Walk Past’, in accord with our annual theme, Spain, was a pleasure to watch. The students of std 2 dressed in colourful Spanish costumes showcased Spanish festivals, namely the Doll Festival, The Pamplona Bull Run, the Drum Festival and the Flower Festival. Std 1 presented a charming yoga display, performing Asanas to the song ‘I am Yoga’. The students of Std 3 presented a colourful drill display with carnations, the national flower of Spain.

Athletic events, the mixed relay and the obstacle races conducted individually for std 1,2 and 3 were fuelled by energy, zeal, and determination. The audience encouraged the students with thunderous applause throughout the programme. The winners were acknowledged and appreciated during the prize distribution.

The game for parents was well-planned, and all the parents participated enthusiastically.

The volunteers from Std 11 and Std 3 made an incredible difference to the show. The senior students and the little ones worked in perfect collaboration to make the show a seamless one. Our students from the junior classes have shown that it is never too early to take on responsibilities!

The programme was well received, and it was a great way to spend a day with good fun, great teamwork and exemplary sportsmanship!
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