News & Events / The Urinary System: Biology Collaborative Class for 10th Graders at The Brigade Schools



Biology Collaborative Class

The Urinary System

Grade 10

Standard 10 students had an interesting collaborative teaching class on the various excretory organs in the human body and their functions. The key topics taught included the definition of excretion and, explanation of the urinary system, including the location, structure, and roles of its organs. Traditional methods and alternative learning strategies were discussed to increase understanding and retention of the subject.

Mnemonics were introduced as a tool to aid memory, with examples provided such as “ABCD” for distinguishing between Anabolic and Catabolic processes and “Aff Arrives Eff Exits” for remembering Afferent and Efferent arterioles.

Effective study techniques were taught, such as using diagrams to note important points and creating mind maps to organise information visually.
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