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Watermelon Activity

Class: Grade 1

Activity: To make a Watermelon Feta Pizza

Do you know pizzas can be made healthy? Well, if you had come to our English class, you would have not only seen us making healthy pizzas but also enjoyed eating them with us! My friends and I were excited to make Grizzle’s favourite watermelon pizza. We got all the ingredients for the activity and arranged them neatly on our table.

We placed four slices of watermelon on a plate that were cut into wedges. We then arranged them in a circle to make them look like a pizza and, hey presto, the base of our pizza was ready! Next, we sprinkled grated cheese on the watermelon slices, added a few olive pieces, and drizzled chocolate sauce on the base. Finally, we garnished the pizza with mint leaves and our watermelon pizza was ready to eat- the tasty, crunchy, juicy, and ‘healthy’ pizza was a super hit with all of us.
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