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Today, as I departed from my second home with swollen eyes, I realized that this family loved me unconditionally. Even though I was rebuked for my mistakes they never gave up on me. They encouraged, loved, and brought out the best in me.
You must be wondering which my second home is. My second home is my school (THE BRIGADE SCHOOL), where I lived for 13 years. A disclaimer, we were the first batch from this school – (from Nursery to Grade 10).
My batch mates and I have lived through all the bad and good times together. We fought, we hugged, we cried, we laughed, we played, we fell, we got up, we danced, we sang, we acted, and we did everything that we could to live our school life in the best possible way.
We may have lost a few friends but also gained some. 13 years defined our friendship in every possible way. This school taught us every minute thing, from ABC to handling friendships, to solving extreme trigonometric problems.

When I was studying in this school, I used to compare the rules and regulations of this school with different schools and used to think that I wasn’t lucky enough because our school wasn’t fun. But now that I have passed out of the school, and am searching for new schools (for 11th and 12th), I realised that the privileges I had at The Brigade School will probably never be a part of my life again.

I stayed here for 13 years; we changed, but nothing else did. The affection provided by the staff was the same from the day we entered till the day we left the school. 

Even though I am leaving this school, I will probably still come back occasionally, but this will not change the fact that this is my home away from home. The teachers here always made me feel secure and safe, and I am glad to have studied at this school.

“75 batchmates, 13 seasons, 4745 daily episodes, and a billion memories.”


Batch of 2022-23

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