Toppers 2023-2024

“Advik Ganapathy M B scored 99 percent on the Board examination. We have seen his brilliance in class right from Nursery when he asked intelligent questions. He has a keen interest in Mathematics, Science, and Computer Applications.  As for sports, he is interested in Basketball. He can be rightly called as an epitome of curiosity and wit.”

Advik Ganapathy M B
First -Percentage Scored: 99%

“Arnav Kiran scored 99 percent on the Board examination. His eagerness for learning was evident right from LKG when he joined our school. He thinks way beyond books and gives intelligible inputs in class. His love for reading was manifested in his lucid and ingenious thinking, choice of words, the flow of language in creative writing, and oratory skills. His vibrant and agile movements in the dances at Flash @ Brigade were an added dimension to his multitalented personality.”

Arnav Kiran
First -Percentage Scored: 99%

“Shishir S Kashyap scored 98.8 percent on the Board examination. We have seen him as an obedient student and eager learner right from Nursery classes. Shishir’s USP is uninterrupted and in-depth learning. Being helpful, he is popular among his classmates. He exuded commendable punctuality in the submission of assignments.”

Shishir S Kashyap
Second -Percentage Scored: 98.8%

“Sidharth Ramachandra scored 98.6 percent on the Board examination. His ability to articulate well was evident right from LKG. He has been the school ambassador too. He is known for his oratory, writing, and theatrical skills. He gave a breathtaking performance at the keyboard at Flash @ Brigade. His debating skills in the inter-school Verbattle were laudable. He had qualified for the semi-finals in the same.”

Sidharth Ramachandra
Third -Percentage Scored: 98.6%

Toppers 2022-2023


Nikita Kadaba scored 99.4 % in the ICSE Board examination and
bagged the 3 rd position and a 4 th rank in the state. She was the best outgoing student from The Brigade School@ Malleswaram. She stood testimony to exemplary behaviour and good academic performance. She was the valedictorian and summed up her speech in the following words: “The collaborative effort of so many people has paid off today as we graduate from this school as the class of 2023. Our graduation marks the end of an extraordinary chapter. We are the future of this world, so let’s take matters into our hands and leave our mark behind in whatever we do. Let us strive to flourish and live life to the fullest.”
She is a good-natured, well-behaved and studious girl. Any responsibility entrusted to her is taken up diligently. She has been a great school ambassador, a good singer at the Cultural Day an eloquent speaker, and a confident debater. Her confident speaking skills were evident in the Mind Space Activity event and special assemblies at school.

Nikita Kadaba.
First -Percentage Scored: 99.4%

Chaitanya Suyog scored 98.8% in the ICSE Board examination. He is an eager learner and an enthusiastic student. He has been an excellent school ambassador and a great speaker. His creative writing and quizzing talent at the Visvesvaraya Technological Museum have brought him accolades and a reputation for his Alma Mater. His debating skills at the ‘Mind Space Activity Day’ and acting skills at the Cultural Day were laudable. He proved himself as a good debater in the debating training sessions too. Physics is his favourite subject; however, he secured the highest score in Biology in the school examination.

Chaitanya Suyog
Second -Percentage Scored: 98.8%

Roshan scored 98.6% aggregate at the ICSE Board examination. He is an obedient student, an eager learner, interactive in class and actively participated in all activities and events at school. Roshan is completely involved in learning, without any distractions. Being helpful, he is popular among his classmates. He is an excellent pianist too and played the keyboard at the school cultural day. He was also the school ambassador. He submitted all his assignments on time.

Roshan Kalirajan.
Third -Percentage Scored: 98.6%

Ananya K  is a diligent student with an eagerness to learn. She is competitive, competent and enthusiastic to participate in all activities at school. She has been a school ambassador, a good debater, a graceful danseuse, a wonderful writer and a melodious singer. Her debating skills were excellent. She proved her mettle at the leadership cell and the debating training sessions. Her singing forte was evident wherein she was one of the solo vocalists at the cultural day. She can be rightly described as the symbol of ambition, determination and a never-give-up attitude. She scored highest in Second Language Kannada, Chemistry and Geography at the school examination.

Ananya K
Third -Percentage Scored: 98.6%


Devansh is an eager learner and punctual in his submissions at work. He was very well-behaved and interactive in class. He was an enthusiastic compere at the cultural shows and special assemblies at school. He was a good school ambassador. We can rightly call him a conscientious, determined, and friendly student.

Devansh Karania
Fourth -Percentage Scored: 98.4 %

Toppers Speak 2021-2022

When I describe a school with the ability to connect to students, change their lives, gift them both knowledge and values, shape their characters, and reach and tap into the potential of every student, then I describe The Brigade School. This school has so much meaning in my life, and I have established a connection here that holds more value to me than can ever be described.
– Kailash H.

The Brigade School has been such an important part of my life. It has played a key role in my overall personality development.

The fundamentals of all academic subjects were explained clearly by the teachers and they answered all my queries without hesitation. Apart from quality education, equal importance was given to co-curricular activities like sports, dance, music, art etc. 

I enjoyed our school debate sessions. The English teachers assessed our speaking skills for these competitions. We were awarded opportunities to participate in events like MUN (Model United Nations). Participating in such competitions has helped me build my confidence as a person while also enhancing my public speaking and English language skills. 

A basketball enthusiast myself, I found myself in a good place at this school, which gave me numerous opportunities to participate in sporting events in school and interschool basketball competitions. The Brigade School is one of the reasons for my growing interest in the sport.

My social skills have improved to a large extent over the years. We spend most of our time at school and to have a good atmosphere around us is very important. The Brigade School provided me with a happy learning environment.

Sharanya C Bharadwaj wanted to express her gratitude to the school for all the experiences it has provided her.

I have had a wonderful experience with the Brigade School @ Malleswaram. I have made many friends in school and the teachers here have helped in many ways. I will always be grateful to them!

– Raghavendra H

I take this opportunity to thank my teachers and school for their continuous support and guidance that played a vital role in helping me secure an overall percentage of 97.6% in my 10th Std, Board examination.

The Global Pandemic that rocked the world in the last two years forced us to move to an online format of attending class. However, the school made sure that this did not affect our learning in terms of quality of teaching & conducting assessments. The teachers have always been very encouraging and have instilled in me confidence that will go a long way. 

I joined The Brigade School in standard 4 and every year since then has been enjoyable & full of learning new things in various subjects & extracurricular activities.

Today I leave The Brigade School with fond memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

 – Ananya Trasi

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