Our school strives to provide the best learning environment for students, with spectacular infrastructure and world-class facilities.


1. Large, airy classrooms

2. A creative puppet theatre 

3. An extensive library

4. Wide corridors 

5. Elevator

6. Wheelchair provision

7. Male and female security guards

8. RO Filter word on every floor

9. International style classroom furniture

10. AV Room

11. CCTV cameras all over the school campus, inside the school and classrooms

12. Book and Bag rack for every student 


The Brigade School Malleswaram is located within the prestigious 40-acre Brigade Gateway Enclave surrounded by a unique ambience.

The school campus is set apart from all other areas of the enclave, with a dedicated entrance from Malleswaram. The buildings are contemporary with bright and airy classrooms. The staircase and corridors are wide and spacious.

The corridors in the pre-primary area have paintings which are visual aids for learning values through Panchatantra stories. The landscaped gardens and open grounds are perfect for the children to enjoy during their free time.


The Brigade School encourages their students to participate in all co-curricular activities. The school provides students with experienced physical training instructors and specially qualified coaches.

 The schools boast of :

1. A 200-meter athletic track

2. Basketball Court

3. Football field

4. Volleyball Court

5. Swimming pool

6. Yoga Room


The school has well-equipped laboratories:

1. Physics, Chemistry, Biology

2. Mathematics 

3. Composite Science 

4. Computer labs with workstations for every child


These facilities equip the students to get a thorough understanding of the subjects taught in the classroom.


Books comprising reference, fiction, and non-fiction make our literary space informative and interesting. Our spacious and well-stocked library is a haven for all readers.

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