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Sports Day -2023-24

‘The five Ss of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.” — Ken Doherty.

On August 30, 2023, students from Stds 6 to 10 at The Brigade School @Malleswaram, came together to bring to life the essence of Ken Doherty’s inspiring quote, demonstrating their energy and enthusiasm during the Sports Day event.

The day began with the inspiring Torch Run, heralding the start of an array of events while t conveying the message of peace and camaraderie along its route. Samhita Satish, of Std 10 from the Hoysala House, was the school flag bearer. The Houses of the school – Ganga, Chalukya, Hoysala and Vijayanagara, based on the famous dynasties of Karnataka State marched in perfect synchronisation and unspoken coordination.

The event showcased a thrilling array of races, featuring 800-meter, 600-meter, and 100-meter sprints, as well as a 4×100-meter relay competition for both boys and girls, providing an exciting and dynamic track and field experience for all participants and spectators.

The Yoga display was a cynosure to one’s eyes. The Shat Kriyas showed that asanas like pranayama and cleansing techniques help children gain the art of focus and are beneficial for health.

The Ganga House received the Rolling Trophy for the Overall Best House.
They also won the Overall Best House (including seniors and juniors) for March past.

In the 6-8 junior category, the Ganga House won the Runners Up Trophy in basketball and football. In the Senior category -Std 9 and 10, they were the winners in basketball and football.

The Hoysala House won the Best House. They were the winners in the junior category (Std 6-8) –in the Football and Basketball tournament.

The Chalukya House was the Runners Up (Std 9 and 10) in the Seniors category in the basketball and football tournaments.

The Sports Day culminated amidst loud cheer and applause when Arya Venkataraghavan of Std 10 A was declared as the Best Sportsperson for the year 2023-24

The Runners Up Cup went to the Chalukya House (Std 9 and 10) in the seniors’ category for the basketball and football tournaments.

The Sports Day culminated amidst loud cheer and applause as Arya Venkataraghavan of Std 10 A was judged the Best Sportsperson for 2023-24.
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