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Annual Sports Day January 2024 -The Brigade School @ Malleswaram

Classes 1 to 5

The Annual Sports Day at The Brigade School @ Malleswaram unfolded on January 12, 2024. The event commenced with a captivating display of yoga, where Grade 1 students seamlessly performed various poses in rhythm to popular tunes. Following this, the field buzzed with energy as 30m and 50m sprint races for both boys and girls took centre stage. Grades 2 & 3 enchanted the audience with a vibrant showcase of Dumbbells and Hoop activity, showcasing impeccable skill and coordination.

The afternoon was the turn of Grades 4 and 5 to have their sports meet. Hruday Phalgun of 5 C warmly welcomed dignitaries and parents, setting the stage for the torch run. The flame passed through the hands of the torchbearers, leading into the March Past. The students of classes 4 and 5, marching in their respective houses, carried the school flag with zeal, upheld by sports enthusiast Ms Taanshi Jain. The CEO of Brigade Foundation, Mr Shivayogi C Kalasad, received the salute for the March Past and shared encouraging words with the audience.

Exhilarating field events ensued, including the 400m and 100m sprints, 4 x 100m relays for both genders and the groundbreaking 4 x 100m mixed relay. Special guests awarded prizes to the deserving winners. The event’s comperes played a great role, encouraging the participants and inspiring cheers from the audience.

As the event concluded, Ms. Menon, Head of the Brigade Foundation, declared the Annual Sports Day closed. The school flag, a symbol of unity, was lowered and folded by Liran A Satish, Ganav M Gowda, Sayam N Gulecha, and Advika M Gowda. Taani Jain then carried the flag, handing it to the Principal, Mr. Joseph. Aditya Setlur of class 5 A delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, bringing the event to a close, which was followed by the National Anthem.
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