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Gajapati Kulapati

The Brigade School in Malleswaram recently hosted a delightful session featuring renowned children’s author Ashok Rajagopalan, who regaled the students with his tales centred around the lovable elephant, Gajapati Kulapati. In his entertaining story, Gajapati Kulapati falls ill after getting caught in the rain.

During the session, Mr. Ashok Rajagopalan brought the story to life, captivating his young audience with sound effects of Gajapati’s hearty sneezes. The infectious energy of the author had the students sneezing in unison, creating a joyous uproar.

Accompanied by vibrant and cheerful illustrations, the stories of Gajapati Kulapati came alive, enchanting the students. Published by Tulika, the series has gained immense popularity among children. In addition to storytelling, Mr. Rajagopalan engaged the students by imparting simple tricks on how to draw an elephant using various alphabets. The session was characterized by its vibrancy and fun, with students enthusiastically mimicking the characteristic sounds like ‘plish, plosh, glish, glosh, blosh, and woosh,’ which are integral to the Gajapati books. Overall, it was a lively and enjoyable experience for all the students present.
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