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Children’s Day at The Brigade School @ Malleswaram was celebrated on November 24, 2023, with great enthusiasm and energy. The day began with the teachers dressed in student uniforms to conduct the school assembly. The prayer, pledge, and interesting facts about Children’s Day were presented by the teachers.

The next vibrant programme was the energetic dance put up by the teachers to popular dance numbers. Students swayed to the music and joined their teachers in a medley of songs presented in English, Hindi, and Kannada. The students were thrilled to see their teachers perform. It was indeed a rocking show!

The event was not all song and dance; a play was beautifully enacted to showcase the bond that the teachers share with their students as their mentors, guides, and confidants. It conveyed a wonderful message to children about handling emotions such as anxiety, fear, and failure. It was a riveting performance, and the students were thrilled to see the acting prowess of their teachers! A day of celebrations ended with a graceful ramp walk by all the teaching staff and the coordinators. The children enjoyed themselves and cheered for the teachers throughout the various performances. It was a beautiful start to the day to see smiling faces across the campus.

Ms. Gururaj (Teacher)
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