News & Events / Embracing the Advantages of School Life by Topper, Advik Ganapathy at The Brigade School @ Malleswaram



Advantages In School

My main advantage in school was the help I received from my teachers. I completed most of my learning in school. My teachers explained concepts in detail and answered my doubts without hesitation.

A consistent study routine helped me keep up to date with my work, helping me focus equally on all subjects. Participating in class helped me pay attention and understand concepts better. Time management, consistent study, regularity and dedicated hours throughout the year are essential.

My favourite subject in school was Computer Applications. I want to pursue Computer Science further and hope to become a Software Engineer. I am grateful to my parents and thank my school for providing me with the best environment through these years.

Advik Ganapathy M B
The Brigade School @ Malleswaram
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