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The students of Nursery, LKG and UKG celebrated an early Deepavali through a virtual and extremely enjoyable session. The objective of celebrating the festival for the tiny tots was to enable them to understand the importance of celebrating festivals, learn about the culture of India, and learn how to socialize and bond with the community. The celebrations began with an introductory video made by the teachers explaining the meaning of the word Deepavali (‘Deepa’ means ‘lamp’; ‘avali’ means ‘row’. Deepavali means ‘row of lit lamps’). The teachers also spoke about how the festival is celebrated and what it signifies. Children enjoyed watching the video which had several pictures related to Deepavali and animations of firecrackers bursting at the background. A ‘Diya Activity’ was conducted to teach the pre primary students to paint and decorate diyas. The teachers taught the Nursery students to finger paint on the Diyas and make them look festive. The LKG students were shown how to paint and decorate their diyas with poster colours using the paintbrush and cotton swabs while the UKG students were taught to make diyas with playdough and clay and decorate them with paint. The children also were introduced to the actions and dance of the Deepavali song. The Diwali song was played with music before ending the class and the children enjoyed doing actions along with the teachers. Many children expressed their joy and happiness after the session and wished the teachers “Happy Deepavali”.
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