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Flash@Brigade – Rangeelo Rajasthan, put up by the students of The Brigade School @ Malleswaram, was a kaleidoscope of colours, music, dance, and lively performances! The carnival was a fund-raising event conducted by the students for the education and healthcare of underprivileged children. The carnival had a plethora of cultural programmes showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. This event provided the perfect platform for students to exhibit their skills and expertise through music and dance.

The programme began with the music band performing a medley of Qawwali song, “Damadam Mast Kalandhar,” a folk song, “Hivada Me Rajasthan,” and a modern rap song, mesmerising the audience with the beats and soulful singing. “Shubh Din” and “Lala Peeli Akhiyan” left the spectators spellbound. A spectacular fashion show by the students showcasing the vibrant colours and fabric of Rajasthan captivated the audience.

A troupe of 120 students performed a fusion of dance forms, “Ghoomar,” “Katputli,” “Bhavai,” and “Gair.” The costumes, foot-tapping music, and energetic dance moves by the students swept the audience off their feet, creating an electrifying atmosphere that left everyone in awe of the students’ talent and enthusiasm.

Children of Std 1-5 enthusiastically presented their learning in different subjects along with some fun activities and games as a part of their Mind Space Activity. The music and dance performance presented by the Department of Performing Arts demonstrated that the boundless energy, talent, and expertise showcased by the students were rooted in the guidance and mentorship provided by their dedicated mentors.

The event was a resounding success, well spent with family and friends celebrating the joy of giving back to the community.

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