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Journey in Competitive Swimming – Sri Charani, The Brigade School@ Malleswaram

Sri Charani, a student from Std 9 C at The Brigade School @ Malleswaram, has won numerous medals at the 2nd Odisha National Ranking Championship held in Bhubaneshwar from June 10th to 12th, 2024. Her remarkable performance, winning 1st place in the gruelling 1500-metre freestyle event, has given her the confidence to reach higher.

Encouraged by her parents, Sri Charani developed a passion for swimming at age 9. What was a school activity has becomeher passion, as she discovered her love for the sport.
At 11, Sri Charani plunged into competitive waters at the Basavangudi Aquatic Centre.

This competition proved a turning point in her career. Her victory fuelled her to excel further. She was determined to become a state-level medallist, to prove herself as a champion swimmer.

At 12, Sri Charani succeeded when she won her first state-level championship. This win affirmed her talent and ambition to compete at higher levels and set new standards in her swimming career.

In the recent Odisha National Ranking Championship, Sri Charani:
• Secured 3rd place in the fiercely competitive 100-metre freestyle.
• Excelled in the endurance-testing 400-metre freestyle, she clinched 3rd place.
• Commanding the longer distances, she triumphed with another 3rd place in the 800-metre freestyle.
• Achieving the pinnacle of success with a remarkable 1st place finish in the gruelling 1500-metre freestyle event.

Sri Charani’s achievements showcase her swimming prowess and will inspire young athletes to further their careers in the same field. Her story is a reminder that dedication and perseverance can turn dreams into reality.

As Sri Charani continues to pursue her excellence in swimming, it is a testament to the power of sports in shaping young lives. Sri Charani’s rise from a school swimmer to a competitor showcases her growth and commitment.

She says it’s not just about winning medals but about inspiring others to follow their dreams and have faith in their potential.
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