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World Environment Day 2024 – The Brigade School @ Malleswaram

The Brigade School @ Malleswaram celebrated World Environment Day with music, dialogues, and dance. The theme for Environment Day in 2024 is – ‘Accelerating land restoration, desertification progress, and drought resilience’.

The celebrations began with an insight by the students of Std 4 and 5 on the significance of Environment Day, stressing this year’s theme. Students expressed concerns about climate change, nature and biodiversity loss, and pollution. Students ended their discussion on a promising note of Land restoration that can reverse the creeping tide of land degradation, drought, and desertification.

This was followed by a beautiful rendition of the song ‘One World One Earth,’ written by the celebrated lyricist Becky Drake. The song brings forth the need to conserve resources and respect Mother Earth.

Dance is a powerful medium of thoughts, expressions, and messages. The students showcased the ill effects of carbon pollution, detrimental to the environment and health, through a vibrant dance. The contemporary-styled dance exhibited the significance of the protection of the environment.

The Special Assembly ended with awareness of protecting the environment and a sustainable future for all.

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