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Independence Day celebrations-2023-24 – The Brigade School, Malleswaram

The Independence Day at The Brigade School, Malleswaram was celebrated with utmost patriotic fervour.

The flag hoisting was a solemn moment, the National Anthem sung in unison, paying tribute to the nation. The significance of Independence Day was highlighted. Celebrations form an integral part of India’s culture, and this was evident in the programme that followed.

The students of class 9 commenced the celebrations with a Hindi song medley – Shubh Din and Chale Chalo with an Indian classical touch. The songs emphasised unity, victory and celebration.

The students of classes 9 and 10 sang a Kannada song – Chappale Chappale. This song resonated with the appreciation for all the Indian achievers. The musical track for this song was quite different from the others, as with body percussion and cup rhythm were used to create interesting, yet melodious music. The melodious musical number Vande Matharam manifested our gratitude for Mother India. The song was a visual imagery of India and its rich and vibrant landscape.

The cultural spectacle culminated with a fusion dance number performed by the children of grades 4-8. The song for the dance was a Kannada song entitled ‘Bharatambe ninna januma dina’.

The celebration created a strong sense of patriotic fervour amongst the students inspiring everyone to come together, to appreciate the beauty of our country and its values.
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