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Mind Space Activity Report 2023-24 – Pre-Primary

The Brigade School@ Malleswaram

The Brigade School@ Malleswaram conducted its Mind Space Activity Day on 25th January 2024.

The day started with a poem recitation, setting a vibrant tone for the event. The LKG students presented the poem ‘Nature’s Harmony’. The young performers donned adorable animal headgear. The combination of enthusiastic recitation, and creative attire made this segment of the MSA day a delightful experience.

Following the poem, an action song, “Skidamarinka Dinka Dink,” was sung with actions, and parents actively joined in. Warm-up and cool-down exercises, part of the curriculum, were demonstrated by the children.

Children did block printing, displaying the techniques learned in class.

The UKG children presented a play reading based on the story “The Smartest Giant in Town” by Julia Donaldson. Beautiful headgear represented each character, adding an artistic touch.

Parents were then moved to different groups, enjoying the presentations done by their children. In LKG, children showcased activities, including identification of letter sounds, filling in the blanks with missing digraphs, blending words, forming 3-4 letter words, matching pictures with corresponding words, and completing crossword puzzles. These activities demonstrated the children’s application skills of the concepts learned in their LKG classes.

The UKG children showcased reading and writing skills through picture composition, tricky words, vowels, alternatives, words ending with ‘y,’ and newspaper reading. These phonics activities showcased the development of the children in reading and writing.

In Composite Science, UKG children delved into the intricacies of land, water forms, flora, fauna, culture, and food habits found on earth. Parents were asked to identify continents on the globe. The session also covered distinctions between Vertebrates and Invertebrates.

In Montessori, under sensorial learning, students showcased the three dimensions – length, width, and height. They worked with Cylinder Blocks, Pink Tower, Brown Stairs, and Red Rods. Students explained colour tablets, differentiating between lighter and darker shades, and showcased the importance of triangles as basic shapes.

In Arithmetic, students associated quantities with corresponding symbols, formed combinations of ten, and worked with Number Cards, Number Rods, Spindle Box, Seguin Teen, and Seguin Ten Board. In the presence of parents, the students conducted activities involving the decimal system, even and odd numbers, and practising addition using Dynamic Cards, Bead Material, and Addition Strip Board.

In a nutshell, the MSA Day for the Pre-primary section was an enlightening, engaging, and exciting session for parents of LKG and UKG.
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