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Celebrating Tagore
MSA Literary Activity- Grade 7 – The Brigade School @ Malleswaram

On a crisp Thursday morning, August 24th, 2023, the Literary Activity on MSA Day was held at The Brigade School @ Malleswaram, and it was nothing short of magical. The theme that day transported everyone to the enchanting world of Rabindranath Tagore’s, “Kabuliwala.”

The students started with a warm welcome speech, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey into the world of literature. Neha Shah eloquently highlighted the significance of this MSA Literary Activity, which had become a hallmark at The Brigade Schools.

As the audience settled in, the verses of Rabindranath Tagore’s, “Where the Mind is Without Fear” resonated in both Bengali and English. This poetic masterpiece, penned in the pre-independence Indian era, passionately yearned for absolute freedom. Tagore’s words carried the weight of history, echoing the struggle for independence from British colonial rule.

A melodious rendition of “Ekla Chalo,” another creation by Tagore, evoked the spirit of unity that once surged through the hearts of the people of Bengal during partition. The audience was then treated to a two-minute video that vividly portrayed Tagore’s remarkable contribution to the Indian Independence movement.

The spotlight then turned to a captivating role-play—an interview with Tagore himself. The questions delved into Tagore’s early years, his unique distinction as the sole Asian Nobel laureate, and his noble act of renouncing knighthood. It was a glimpse into the profound persona of this literary giant. The highlight of the day was the enchanting performance of Tagore’s timeless masterpiece, “Kabuliwala,” enacted in three languages: Kannada, Hindi, and English. The students breathed life into this iconic short story, and “Mini” charmed everyone with her portrayal of the endearing character.

But the festivities didn’t end there. Parents were invited to partake in an interactive dance session, joyously swaying to the rhythms of the Santali tribe, forging connections, and celebrating diversity. Meanwhile, the children managed three delightful stalls. They whipped up savoury Jalmuri and served refreshing aam panna and nimbu pani, tantalizing everyone’s taste buds. Adding to this was the delectable spread of famous Bengali sweets, including Sandesh, Rosgulla, Malpua, and Rajbhog, which left everyone craving more.

Parents left with cherished souvenirs—a personalised handprint to remind them of this enchanting day. The children’s handmade book covers, bookmarks, and portraits, proudly displayed on boards, captivated everyone with their creativity. A detailed timeline chronicling Tagore’s life and illustrious achievements added the finishing touch to this enlightening display.

This day at The Brigade School @ Malleswaram was not just an event; it was a journey through the pages of literature, a celebration of culture, and a tribute to the indomitable spirit of Rabindranath Tagore.

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