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The maths teachers at The Brigade School @ Malleswaram commemorated National Mathematics Day on December 22, 2023, in honour of the renowned Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, often dubbed “The man who knew infinity.”

Though languages divide our world, numbers unite us. Maths allows us to work together towards innovations and ideas. What makes math special is that it’s a universal language — a powerful subject with the same meaning across the globe.

The special assembly began by emphasising the universality of mathematics, followed by an exploration of Ramanujan’s life. The event showcased a dance performance by teachers illustrating ‘Patterns & Symmetry’ for students of Std. 1-5, merging visuals with dance movements to engage and enlighten the children.

A video spotlighting Ramanujan’s mathematical contributions captivated the audience, while teachers of Std. 6-10 delivered an enlightening skit on the ‘Number System,’ demonstrating the interrelation of various number concepts.

The programme aimed to make mathematics enjoyable, converting abstract thoughts into concrete ideas. Finally, the celebration reshaped perspectives, presenting mathematics as an essential, innovative discipline and transforming attitudes towards this significant life skill.

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