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Pre-graduation Day 2023 – The Brigade School, Malleswaram

The Brigade School@ Malleswaram witnessed the pre-graduation ceremony on February 8, 2023. The programme began with the ceremonious lighting of the lamp and the school song, sung by the students of Std 8.

Mrs Shankar, Founder of The Brigade Schools and the dignitaries from the Brigade Foundation graced the occasion. The teachers and parents were present to cheer on the graduating classes.

It was a great day for the graduating students of the school. It was an occasion to rejoice in their accomplishments and reminisce. The ceremony marked the end of their journey at school and the dawn of purposeful life ahead. The day evoked warm memories of their school years.

On this solemn occasion, Mrs Benegal, the Principal of The Brigade School, Malleswaram addressed the gathering. Her meaningful and motivational words to students were: “You are the captain of your ship of ambition. Hence, you should follow the right direction with righteousness and integrity. It is important in life, to climb the rungs of the ladder of success, but as you do, every step of your climb should be based on honesty, humility and hard work.”

Arnav Satish of Std 10 C expressed his gratitude to the school in the following words: “I would like to join my friends in thanking our teachers, parents, school staff, and fellow students for helping to shape who we are today. The school has inculcated discipline in us, taught us to respect everyone, groomed our personalities, and recognised our strengths and weaknesses. The school has taught us that the greatest life lessons learnt are from failures. These lessons sustain our principles for a lifetime.” He concluded his speech by saying: “Let us say hello to a new world of adventure beyond these walls, filled with opportunities for all of us to grab.”

Arushi V of Std 10 A summed up the reminiscences of her schooling years in the following words: “The Brigade School has genuinely been like a second home to me; I cannot believe that I am leaving it behind. I am not leaving it behind, we are not leaving school behind; we are taking it with us, wherever we go, the values, the lessons, the friends and the memories. We are taking all of this in our hearts forever. I am sure every one of us is given the gift to revisit our school and our memories here, to bring a smile to our faces.”

Mr Chidanand (father of Vishak C) and Ms Seema Mehta (mother of Dev Mehta) expressed their acknowledgement, appreciation and gratitude for the school in grooming their children to be mature and responsible young adults.

A dance by the students of Std 7 and 8 displayed an agile and fluid expression of the ‘Ekla Chalo’ and ‘Badal Pe Paon Hai’. ‘Ekla Chalo’. The poem was written in Bengali by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, and sung by Amitabh Bachchan. The song resonated with the words, ’ if no one answers your call, walk alone undauntedly, overcoming all hurdles with panache. ‘Badal Pe Paon Hain’ echoed the words: young minds are poised to take flight with their feet on the clouds and their boat ready to sail.

Students who excelled in their studies were acknowledged and appreciated. Mrs Shankar, Founder of The Brigade Schools, and Mrs Menon-Head of Brigade Foundation awarded the prizes to the subject toppers.

The best outgoing student from The Brigade School@ Malleswaram was Nikita Kadaba. She stood testimony to exemplary behaviour and good academic performance. She summed up her speech in the following words: The collaborative effort of so many people has paid off today as we graduate from this school as the class of 2023. Our graduation marks the end of an extraordinary chapter. We are the future of this world, so let’s take matters into our hands and leave our mark behind in whatever we do. Let us strive to flourish and live life to the fullest.

Mrs Benegal, the Principal, administered the pledge to the students. The pledge comprises the values of empathy, concern for the environment, respect, responsibility, righteousness, and prevention of situations that perpetuate injustice.

The eighth batch of young Brigadiers was inspired to dream, empowered to widen their horizons, and soar high with wings open.
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