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The Brigade School@ Malleswaram conducted The Mind Space Activity (MSA) day for Stds 9 and 10 on September 22, 2022.

A video presentation on Artificial Intelligence and a debate on the same were presented by the students. The topic for the MSA was Artificial Intelligence- Pros and Cons. Students began the programme with an introduction and provided insight into Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision.

Students also highlighted the advantages of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) pushes the boundaries of machine-enabled functionalities. This cutting-edge technology facilitates machines to act with a degree of autonomy, effectively executing tasks.
AI facilitates the creation of a next-generation workplace that thrives on seamless collaboration between the enterprise system and individuals. Therefore, human resources are not made obsolete; their efforts are bolstered by emerging tech. AI provides organizations with the luxury of freeing up resources for higher-level tasks.

Niveditha S.L from Std 9 interviewed Mr. Swaminathan – a software architect at MITEL. Mr. Swaminathan spoke on the use of Artificial Intelligence in chatbots. It was an insightful talk and was enjoyed by all the students.

The debate was the highlight of the day! Prem Parwani, alumnus, batch 2019-20 and a national-level debater, was the moderator. Prem Parwani is currently pursuing law at the National Law School of India, Bengaluru. He summed up the session and threw light on Artificial Intelligence from his point of view.

The students broadened their horizons, understanding, and learning about Artificial Intelligence through the enriching presentation and debate.
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