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The Brigade School @ Malleswaram – Republic Day celebrations – January 26, 2024

‘A thoughtful mind, when it sees a nation’s flag, sees not the flag, but the nation itself.’ -Henry Ward Beecher

Marking another year of progress, The Brigade School @ Malleswaram, celebrated the 75th Republic Day of India with a commitment to forging a stronger nation. Ms. Menon, Head of Brigade Foundation, unfurled the flag, accompanied by the National Anthem, fostering a deep emotional connection that every Indian shares with the national flag. The Tricolor symbolises India’s dedication to peace and tolerance, embodying the spirit of freedom and national unity.

Students emphasised the significance of the day, commemorating the adoption of the constitution in 1950, transforming India from British rule into an independent constitutional republic. Each year, the celebrations in the national capital feature impressive military and cultural pageantry, reminiscent of the jubilation witnessed on the day of independence.

Students from Std 8 sang the patriotic song ‘Hum Veer Sipahi Hai,’ resonating with dedication and commitment to nation-building, embodying team spirit, camaraderie, and the spirit of sacrifice. Std 7 students celebrated Indian pride with a medley, including ‘Shaabaashiyan,’ applauding the successes of Indians in various fields, and ‘Yeh Jo Desh Hai Tera,’ a patriotic song reflecting the inner conflict of a successful immigrant torn between returning to the motherland and serving the nation. The songs captivated the audience.

History imparts lessons from the past to guide the present and shape the future. The haunting memory of the Jallianwala Bagh tragedy served as a reminder for all Indians to unite for peace, standing together against external threats. The lively dance drama by students of Std 7 and 8 conveyed a powerful yet emotional message of brotherhood and harmony.

The vibrant celebration kindled passionate and patriotic zeal within the hearts of the students., staff and members of Brigade Foundation.

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