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Cultural Day – Std 1-3 -The Brigade School@ Malleswaram

The Brigade School, Malleswaram, celebrated ‘Dia de la Cultura, on November 5, 2022, a cultural evening for students of standards 1-3
The formal part of the programme began with the welcome speech, lighting of the lamp, reading of the Annual Report and vote of thanks.
The cultural extravaganza commenced with the Introduction to Spain – a ramp walk by students of Stds 1,2 & 3, with lilting Spanish tunes.

The students of standard 1 sang Hola hola, a song on the elements of conversation or greetings in Spanish. The main essence of the song is that every day is a good day and it is to be celebrated.
The students of standards 1 and 2 danced the Sardana, a typical dance form of the Catalan culture. The dance, performed in a circle, follows a particular set of steps that involves boys and girls, holding hands and facing inwards to dance. Sardana dance is performed mainly during festivals.

The students of grade 2 sang the song ‘La Bamba’. The song is a dance song and talks about the grace one needs for dancing in the dance form- Bamba.
Following the dance, the students of Std 1, 2 and 3 enacted Ferdinand the Bull, a short play based on the story by American author Munro Leaf. This book tells the tale of a bull who would rather smell flowers than participate in a Corrida or bullfight. Even though Ferdinand grows to be the biggest bull in the herd, he is not interested in butting heads with other bulls.

He is chosen to fight in the arena in Madrid as Ferdinand the Fierce but the matador, banderillos and picadors cannot move him to violence. He goes back to his meadow and flowers, a happy bull. This is supposed to be a true story, based on a peaceful bull named Civilón, raised on a farm outside Salamanca in the early 1930s.
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